6 Facts About Tribes Everyone Thinks Are True

The History And Culture Of The Piqua Shawnee Tribe The Shawnee people have been labelled as nomadic by the historians because they have found evidence proving that they moved from North America and settled in other places. However, this tribe has held on to its family unit for a long time. For a while, the Shawnee people have stayed in the state of Alabama. There are various areas where the Shawnee people later spread to, but the state of Alabama remains one of the geographical regions where they stayed for long, and that is said by some historians. Studies by some archeologists is that the Shawnee tribe inhabited the Alabama state first before the others. The Shawnee like to tell stories of their heritage, and from that, they state that they have been in that state for a much longer period than that. The tribe had a unique way of burying their kin, and there are thus burial locations in some parts of the Alabama state. The Shawnee tribe was colonized by the European settlers, and this forced some of the nations of Shawnee to escape to other areas. After the chaos reduced, there are some families that came back. The Shawnee people did not like war, and that is why even after the chaos had dwindled some remained in the rural environs with other tribes that were not curious so that the government would not scrutinize them. The history about all that happened to them has continued to be known because the stories were told to each generation. The heritage about the Piqua people is not ordinary, and that is why these people have maintained their tradition for a long time. The tribe has other family groups that stay in several states. The other members of the Piqua Shawnee are found in eight other states. Due to the wide dispersion of Piqua Shawnee families, there are tribal gatherings which alternate to prevent people from traveling further from others. There is a principal chief who enjoys the support of the villagers so that he can carry on the duties well. While there is the principal chief; there is also a tribal government that is protected by a tribal council. The tribal council is made up of clan chiefs, clan mothers and a council of elders. The activities of the tribe cannot be decided without the approval of the various clans.
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All the issues are discussed at the council then shared with the clans for deliberation. There was transparency in the undertakings of the council, and this was clearly brought out by the way they sought for consensus on all the tribal matters. The Shawnee did not have clear clothing strategy, but they wore what other Indians wore. Except when there was a battle, the Shawnee maintained their hair long.Short Course on Tribes – Covering The Basics

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